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PM threatens tech firms with terror content fines

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The prime minister has demanded that big internet firms remove ‘terrorist content’ within two hours of it going live, or face a fine.

Meeting with Microsoft, Facebook and Google at a United Nations shindig yesterday, Theresa May told them to go ‘further and faster’ in stripping the internet of terrorism-related content.

In a speech before the meeting, May told the UN General Assembly: ‘Ultimately it is not just the terrorists themselves who we need to defeat. It is the extremist ideologies that fuel them. It is the ideologies that preach hatred, sow division and undermine our common humanity.’

The likes of Twitter and Google maintain that they are already assiduously removing terror items from the net.

Psycho organisation ISIS has infamously exploited the internet as a tool to promote its vicious aims and to recruit new imbeciles (though its current position ‘join us, fire a gun for a bit, get killed in an airstrike’ probably won’t appeal to everyone).