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Share with care: Transforming digital wellbeing

On 25th April 2019, Socitm’s Share Cambridge event focuses on the wellbeing and health of residents and places.

We explore how taking a fresh look at the determinants of people’s wellbeing can enable the public sector in the widest sense – housing authorities, leisure providers, environmental management, education, police, public health, care organisations and health providers – to refocus its efforts on addressing the often entrenched and endemic problems in our communities.

This provides the context for us to examine how digital technologies and better use of data can help deliver this transformation in collaborations involving District, County and Unitary Councils, as well as their diverse partner organisations.

Share Cambridge will focus on improved wellbeing outcomes for service users rather than processes. We will go beyond examining how to digitise public services. Instead, the event will ask how we can use digital technologies to improve services.

We will also examine how sociological improvements have already been made as a result of gathering data, a vital component of a successful transformation strategy that can have an exponential impact on improved wellbeing. For example, councils have made better use of data to tackle problem gambling. In Dagenham, data scientists mapped local mental health problems, homeless shelters, food banks and payday loan shops to show how many vulnerable people were living close to betting shops. As a result, the council was able to rethink its gambling policy for the borough.

Share Cambridge will also consider barriers to creating better digital public services, for example, where service users prefer direct human interaction or digital inequalities make accessing services challenging for some end users.

We will also discuss the challenges associated with changing the culture, internally, of an organisation to make it digitally focused.

Attendance at Share Cambridge is free for public sector and NHS members. Non-member delegates are warmly invited to register and advantage of thought leader talks,  best practice seminars and peer networking in this specialised area.

As a precursor to this ground-breaking event, our latest blog explains why our vision is integral to creating an environment that’s happier and healthier with better outcomes for everyone, however complex their needs or the diversity of services required to meet them.

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