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Latest Better Connected surveys: rubbish and recycling and libraries

Two major Better Connected surveys have been published in the last month: ‘report missed bin’ covering all councils except county councils, and ‘find council tip opening times (counties only), and now ‘renew library book’ (English county councils, metropolitan districts, and English and Welsh unitary councils).

Socitm Insight subscribers (most UK councils) can access detailed results and commentary on how they performed from the Better connected website. They can also access the ‘all council’ reports on survey findings that provide a picture of how well councils performed generally and highlight good and poor practice

Any employee of a Socitm Insight subscribing council can register for free with Socitm.net and then get access to the detailed results for their council.

Following the libraries report, Better connected will be publishing results of surveys on council tax (‘pay council tax’) and planning (‘object to a planning application’). These will be followed by leisure (‘find out about keeping fit’), housing (‘find out how to apply for housing’), and business (‘register a food business’).

Surveys on usability, accessibility, and website performance when accessed from mobile devices will come after this, and an overall ‘star ranking’ for each council website will follow in April.

A series of Better connected awards will be presented at Better connected Live on 24/25 May in Birmingham. This major new event will place the Better connected research in the context of ‘the digital council’ in an age of austerity and devolution. The event will feature two full day conference sessions, one for CIOs, customer service and transformation leads, and the other for web managers. There will also be a series of half day events for service managers running libraries, planning, social care and waste and recycling, presented in partnership with a range of professional associations. Watch this space for further details.

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