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The right culture needs to be present in an organisation if true change is to be effectively delivered, says Nadira Hussain. 

Nadira, a former president of Socitm and, until recently, head of ICT at Enfield Council, is now heading up our Leadership Academy. In an interview with GovTech Leaders, she spoke about transformation, culture and the need for shifting mindsets in the public sector.

“My recent experience at Enfield has shown that transformation and culture isn’t about working with people in isolation,” she explained. “A number of things need to come together and typically we’ve worked on technology, process and service re-design as components of holistic change management. However, public sector organisations need to bring all of these aspects together, plus the people element, to be able to achieve the overarching business transformation that they want to achieve.

“For me, change is about investing in people, processes, technology and, crucially, mindsets, so that everybody is aligned in terms of what the end goals are, the outcomes and the journey that’s required.”

Nadira also highlighted the importance of developing tomorrow’s future leaders. “I’m in my new role at the Leadership Academy to build on what has already been started by the society and to diversify the offering even further”, she said. “More emphasis should be placed on apprentices, for example, as we need to nurture the future leaders in our sector. We’ll be asking our members what they want and what we can do to ensure the future leadership health of the profession and sector.”

Read the full interview with Nadira here.