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Stockport Council is opening its doors to other local authorities and public bodies who are embarking on digital transformation journeys.

Since the council established its Digital by Design Programme three years ago it has learned to grow its own in-house capability, to create its own software and to train its workforce to ensure the organisation would be adaptable to changes in technology, and in customer expectation and demand.

The council says that it has learned agile techniques and lean thinking which enables it to create IT processes that are both fast moving and place user need at the heart of everything it does. This approach has in turn spread beyond its digital programme, spearheading a cultural change that is helping it to transform the delivery of services.

A number of open days have been arranged to give other local authorities and public bodies the chance to learn more about Stockport Council’s Digital by Design Programme. These will focus not only on the tech it is creating but also on the cultural change that underpins its transformation programme.

The Open Days are on 2 October (2-4pm), 13 November (2-4pm) and 24 January (2-4pm).

Anyone interested in attending should email digital@stockport.gov.uk