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The majority of public sector organisations have reviewed IT policies to ensure their compliance with GDPR, according to a new survey. 

Socitm and Protocol Policy recently conducted a survey to gauge how public sector organisations are evolving and maintaining their IT policies, to reflect ongoing changes in their use of technology and the introduction of new regulations. 

According to the results, 75% of those directly responsible for IT policies had been reviewing policies in light of the introduction of GDPR. 

The survey also found that 50% had made policy updates within the past six months, while the remaining 50% had updated their policies in the past 12 months. 

Other findings revealed that 50% of respondents directly responsible for IT policies view policy work as a high priority, 38% find it difficult to get policy written and approved and 12% see the process as time-consuming. 

Download our handy infographic to discover the key findings of the survey.