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Five local authorities from across the UK are joining together to co-design and co-fund new council focused InfoSec training.

Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, East Sussex, Staffordshire and Portsmouth will be working with BAFTA-winning film-makers to help engage staff at all levels and build confidence around information security, data management and sharing protocols.

The cohort is looking for a further five councils to join the group and develop sector-specific training in this important area.

Currently the modules will cover:

·       Working lawfully - What are the lawful bases for processing data?

·       Special categories of data

·       Steps to take to write a privacy notice

·       Increasing confidence in information sharing

·       The life cycle of data (data hygiene)

·       Good governance and information risks/near misses/what to do when things nearly go wrong

Work is set to begin in late September with a co-design workshop where partners will input into draft scripts, specifically focusing on information protocols and procedures relevant to local government. The result will be video based modules with supporting SCORM compliant eLearning, able to either be hosted or deployed using a local LMS.

Those councils participating at the start not only help to co-design the scripts and drive the content, but will have access to the resulting modules in perpetuity, for no further cost.

Draft scripts are available on request - please contact jane.hancer@cc2i.org.uk

The full pitch is available here.