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Next month’s North conference will be taking an in-depth look at Amazon Alexa and the workings behind AI.

As voice technology becomes more prevalent in homes throughout the country, some local authorities are embracing it as a means of improving services.

Aylesbury Vale Council is pretty much 100% Cloud based and is evaluating the use of AI interfaces, such as Alexa, to help interact with the needs of its citizens. The London borough of Enfield is introducing Amelia, a robot working on frontline council services, taking resident queries, while Hampshire County Council is piloting Amazon software to support people to live independently.

As with any new technology, there are potential risks involved for local authorities that need to be mitigated. Protecting the privacy and security of individuals will be a paramount concern for councils. They will also need to be wary of data handling and storage and meeting appropriate legislation.

Attendees at the North conference in Darlington will have the chance to learn more about the issues of data collection and protection with AI software.

To join the debate, all you need to do is click here and start the quick online registration process. And remember, if you are a Socitm North West, North East or Yorkshire and Humber member, your place will be FREE.