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Socitm is encouraging councils to work with NHS partners to shape their pressing detailed plans for Health System Led Investment (HSLI) funding.

Applications for a share of the £412.5m funding pot fall under extremely tight timescales, with Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) required to submit their plans on how they will use the money by 5 October, recent reports have revealed.

With the application deadline looming, many STPs face the challenge of coordinating the many and varied IT-led transformation requirements of multiple care providers within their local region.

Significantly, the funding from NHS England will be released in phases of 25% in 2018/19, 25% in 2019/20 and 50% in 2020/21, meaning that there could potentially be a very short period of time in which organisations are required to spend the cash in the first year.

STPs will need to consider how funding is to be allocated to local projects given previous work on Local Digital Roadmaps and health and social care integration initiatives.

If you have any questions regarding HSLI funding, please contact russ.charlesworth@socitm.net or download our briefing note for further details.