Socitm | The Society of IT Management


Socitm is undertaking research and producing guidance for its members on the complex topic of cyber:

  • What really matters for councils?
  • What does good practice look like?
  • How are threats changing?
  • What should councils do right now to get a grip on the challenge?
    • And, critically, where does IT fit in what is typically as much a business risk as it is a technology risk?


The topic is high on the agenda for executive teams across the public sector as cyber risks and their impacts change and grow. With recent work led by MHCLG and the LGA, the connection between traditional IT security risks and broader cyber resilience is also becoming more visible - digital transformation, democratic integrity, community resilience and business continuity.

If you would like to be involved or have a view - perhaps to review a section of the overall analysis before publication, or to make a comment and provide your views, or to give us quote to be included, please let our researcher Jos Creese know: jos.creese@socitm.net