Socitm | The Society of IT Management


Do you know a Socitm member who has made a real difference to how citizens can access public services? Do they have what it takes to influence policy and practice for the benefit of the sector? This is your chance to nominate them to become our next vice president.

Not only does the role offer a real opportunity for career progression, it opens the door to like-minded professionals who may not ordinarily be in the same circles.

Making a nomination could not be simpler:

  • You must be a Socitm member and your nominee must also be a Socitm member
  • All nominations must be seconded by another Socitm member
  • You will need the name and email address of the member that supports your nomination to be able to complete the nomination process

The new vice president will join the Socitm board of directors, who provide the executive management of the organisation.

Our president, immediate past president and three vice presidents have specific responsibilities, based on areas members have identified as important.

Following Chris Riley’s retirement, we require a new vice president to lead on service redesign and transformation.

Are you ready to shape the future of Socitm and how we serve our members? Take the next step and make your nomination now.

Don't delay...nominations close at 5pm on Friday 16 November.