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Earlier this year a collaboration of over 25 local authorities co-funded a research paper investigating blockchain with a specific focus on how it could support local government service delivery. This week the report – which has a dual technical and business focus – was published.

Co-funded and led by Kent Connects, GMCA, Monmouthshire and South Hams and West Devon councils, the research is now available to the wider public sector via the CC2i website.

In addition to the detailed report, two local government focused tools were commissioned, the first to enable councils to assess the appropriateness of blockchain in relation to a particular service, and the second to determine what type of blockchain would best support those services.

Interest in blockchain is steadily growing in the public sector and early discovery projects are underway at HMRC, the Land Registry and a couple of Scottish councils.

This report is intended to baseline the technology and start to bring interested local authorities together around specific services for potential future discovery projects.