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Staffordshire, East Sussex, Derby, Gloucestershire, Oldham, Warwickshire and Portsmouth councils recently met in Sheffield to co-design new staff training around information governance.

The Data Protection Act 2018 has meant that councils across the UK have had to change working practices and be far more vigilant and procedural around data handling, sharing and retention. This new local government focused awareness training – co-funded and co-designed by seven councils – will focus specifically on information governance best practice and be accessible to staff at all levels.

The training seeks to increase confidence in information governance and make the process – and repercussions – as easy as possible to understand. Alongside detailed work around lawful basis, privacy notices and data hygiene, key messages the group wanted reinforcing included positive reporting culture, investigation of the process not people, as well as quick steps to mitigation.

This work follows on from the successful council co-designed Dojo: Local Government cyber and GDPR training – itself co-funded by a collaboration of ten local authorities – which is now being used by 70+ local authorities and a range of other public bodies.

The seven councils co-funding this new information governance training are again working with BAFTA-award winning film-makers, Matobo, the outfit behind Dojo: Local Government and the BBC’s mandatory cyber and GDPR training.

Re-scripting now continues until the group are confident they reflect local government practice, then the animation and production phases will begin. The training is due to release in March 2019, and will be available to all UK councils via CC2i’s co-funding platform.

For more information please contact: jane.hancer@cc2i.org.uk or visit the website