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Shaping future digital strategy
19 July 2019
Influential women in tech
19 July 2019
Welcoming our new President and Vice President
20 June 2019
CCS set to replace cloud first with ‘more appropriate guidance’
17 May 2019
Socitm on the world stage
16 May 2019
Redressing gender imbalance
18 April 2019
Share with care: Transforming digital wellbeing
18 April 2019
Update to councils on the ongoing discussions with Microsoft
22 February 2019
Keynote announced – Share Cymru 2019
22 February 2019
ShareDigital ’19 - don't miss out
22 February 2019
Webinar Wednesday bonus session - 13th Feb Sitemorse accessibiliy reports Q&A
08 February 2019
08 February 2019
Microsoft update
25 January 2019
Accessibility results
21 January 2019
Women in IT Awards nominee!
11 January 2019
Empowering Women in a Digital World
11 January 2019
Webinar Wednesday - Positive Management conversations
11 January 2019
Socitm Cymru 2019
11 January 2019
An update on the ongoing discussions with Microsoft
21 December 2018
Changes to government email domains
13 December 2018
Council Co-Designed Information Governance Training
11 December 2018
Local Gov Declaration Fund approved projects
07 December 2018
Top Talent and Empowering Women in the Digital World (EWDW) trial programmes
07 December 2018
Microsoft price increases
07 December 2018
Thank you for your support!
07 December 2018
Introducing Huw McKee and his policy sponsor - Microsoft
07 December 2018
Partnership Programme early bird offer available for 17 more days
07 December 2018
Inspire your team, with our leadership programme.
29 November 2018
Top 5 thing to do now you’ve renewed your corporate membership:
29 November 2018
Local Authority Apps – opportunities and pitfalls
28 November 2018
Pioneer Challenge: LGSS Digital wins the AWS package
28 November 2018
Cyber and Socitm
28 November 2018
Save the dates for our 2019 Webinar programme!
28 November 2018
Voting for the next vice president closes in three days!
28 November 2018
Members urged to support efforts to address Microsoft price changes
28 November 2018
Developing senior leaders
23 November 2018
Gateshead Care Partnership wins prestigious HSJ award
23 November 2018
Councils awarded funded to develop digital innovations for social care
22 November 2018
Apprenticeships – how local government is making a difference
22 November 2018
Voting for the next vice president opens
22 November 2018
How licensing can be optimised on AWS
22 November 2018
Seminars to tackle cybersecurity challenges
21 November 2018
Want to develop your leadership skills? Now’s your opportunity!
15 November 2018
Transforming children’s social care through technology
15 November 2018
New government funding to pioneer cutting-edge technology across the Midlands
15 November 2018
Highlights and key takeaways from North 2018
15 November 2018
Last chance to nominate a new vice president
15 November 2018
Webinar Wednesday: Starting your DevOps journey
15 November 2018
Lessons learnt from setting up the Local Digital Fund
15 November 2018
Socitm announces 2019 Webinar Wednesdays series
09 November 2018
Over 80 organisations have endorsed the Local Digital Declaration
09 November 2018
Calling all aspiring female leaders
08 November 2018
Glasgow's 'smart canal' is a first for Europe
08 November 2018
Scotland conference to explore disruptive technology
08 November 2018
2019 will be the watershed year for public sector cloud adoption
08 November 2018
Vice president nominations: There's still time to get involved
08 November 2018
Harnessing geospatial information
02 November 2018
Digital leaders encouraged to register for Leadership Academy programmes
02 November 2018
Socitm North West chair highlights need for cyber awareness for both staff and members
02 November 2018
Help shape the future of Socitm: Nominate a new vice president
02 November 2018
Local Digital Declaration: Have you signed up yet?
01 November 2018
Socitm Advisory launches on Linkedin and Twitter
31 October 2018
Socitm president confirmed for the Public Sector Solutions Expo
31 October 2018
Call to sign up for Leadership Academy programmes
26 October 2018
Free stuff up for grabs!
25 October 2018
Socitm to exhibit at digitech18
25 October 2018
Don’t miss TICTeC Local
25 October 2018
Using innovative tech to better manage parks and open spaces
24 October 2018
Freeing IT from business shackles
24 October 2018
Apply for ODI stimulus fund
24 October 2018
The power of collaboration
18 October 2018
Using AI in social care
18 October 2018
Local government blockchain research published
18 October 2018
Local Digital Fund attracts interest from councils nationwide
18 October 2018
Socitm Advisory awarded place on management consulting framework
18 October 2018
New video explains importance of benchmarking
18 October 2018
Bring your IT vision to fruition
18 October 2018
Share your leadership story to inspire others
12 October 2018
Big name speakers confirmed for North 2018
12 October 2018
Have you got the next big idea?
12 October 2018
Declining appetite for outsourcing in local government
12 October 2018
Digital leaders head to Leeds for digitech18
12 October 2018
Webinar Wednesday: Managing remote teams
11 October 2018
Call to sign up for the next cohort of the NHS Digital Academy
11 October 2018
Registration now open for President’s Conference 2019
05 October 2018
North 2018 is less than two weeks away!
05 October 2018
Developing an IT strategy in the digital age
05 October 2018
Digital transformation challenges and how to overcome them
05 October 2018
Join us at our next Improve workshop
05 October 2018
Leeds Council project wins Roads of the Future funding
05 October 2018
Councils lead co-design of new information governance training
04 October 2018
Future leaders in Wales set to benefit from Top Talent programme
28 September 2018
It's mindset that matters most in digital transformation
28 September 2018
Data sharing to improve care
28 September 2018
AWS offers free IT infrastructure training
28 September 2018
Wolverhampton council signs up with eBay to boost local economy
28 September 2018
Local Digital Fund opens for applications
27 September 2018
Get your entries in for Pioneer Challenge
21 September 2018
Introducing…the future of leadership and research
20 September 2018
Lessons learned from digital transformation
20 September 2018
Improve your council’s cyber resilience
20 September 2018
Multi-purpose and library apps prove popular for councils
20 September 2018
Maximising the impact of disruptive technology
20 September 2018
Assessing your readiness for the cloud
19 September 2018
New opportunities for suppliers to connect with the Socitm community
14 September 2018
Taking a design-led approach to change
13 September 2018
Survey reveals how public sector organisations are evolving and maintaining their IT policies
13 September 2018
Autumn edition of In Our View now available
13 September 2018
Webinar Wednesday: Transformation and the enabling nature of technology
13 September 2018
Former president to run leadership development
12 September 2018
Socitm announces new benefits to corporate membership
10 September 2018
A design-led approach to transforming public services
07 September 2018
Get the best from Socitm with corporate membership
07 September 2018
Five commit to council focused information security training
07 September 2018
The five pillars of smart places and connected communities
07 September 2018
Getting AI right for citizens and staff
07 September 2018
Funding to improve digitisation in healthcare provider organisations
07 September 2018
Supporting councils to design person-centred care and support
07 September 2018
Last chance to apply for Pioneer Challenge
06 September 2018
New funds to boost diversity of people working in digital and tech jobs
31 August 2018
Councillors encouraged to adopt a digital-first mindset
31 August 2018
The future of ICT outsourcing
31 August 2018
Joining up health and care data
31 August 2018
Midlands and East 2018 is less than two weeks away!
31 August 2018
Have you secured your place at North 2018?
31 August 2018
FiveAI vehicles begin data gathering in Croydon to prepare for autonomous driving
24 August 2018
FOI requests reveal nearly half of English councils are still using unsupported server software
24 August 2018
Socitm president confirmed for techUK event
24 August 2018
Cybersecurity stocktake deadline fast approaching
24 August 2018
Meet the team from Svenljunga Municipality
24 August 2018
Innovation a focus for autumn events
24 August 2018
Innovation in democracy
17 August 2018
Socitm research in an easy-to-digest form
17 August 2018
There is still time to enter the Pioneer Challenge
17 August 2018
Crucial end-user security tips
17 August 2018
Save the date – North 2018 is coming to Darlington
17 August 2018
So, you want to be smarter?
17 August 2018
Socitm engaged by NHS England to enable integrated and safe care
17 August 2018
New top-level speakers confirmed for South and South West 2018
10 August 2018
Giving your employees the tools for success
10 August 2018
Outsourcing ICT: Lessons learned
10 August 2018
Educating users about security awareness
10 August 2018
There’s still time to enter the Pioneer Challenge
10 August 2018
Managing Office 365 cyber risk
10 August 2018
New vision for Scotland in the digital age
10 August 2018
Webinar Wednesday: End-user security awareness
09 August 2018
Webinar Wednesday - AgilePM versus PRINCE2
16 July 2018
Impact of emerging technologies on digital transformation
12 June 2018
How emerging technologies are shaping the future
15 May 2018
Navigating the journey to the Cloud
20 April 2018
You’ve been breached! Now what?
19 March 2018
Socitm magazine now freely available online
30 January 2018
New webinar series set to launch
19 January 2018
Insight Briefing 102 - Govroam
20 June 2017
New government needs to join things up
08 June 2017
Briefing 101: Artificial Intelligence
26 May 2017
Briefing 100: Business transformation with systems thinking in Wiltshire
18 May 2017
Insight Briefing 99: New European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Directive
22 March 2017
Insight Briefing 98: Cloud is good; Supercloud is better
28 February 2017
Insight Briefing 97: Cyber security
23 January 2017
Insight Briefing 96: Review of 2016 and look forward to 2017
17 January 2017
November briefing: Developing digital leadership: what’s involved?
28 November 2016
How local government can use Location Intelligence – a new dimension in data
27 October 2016
In Our View: Issue 10, data security and more
24 October 2016
September Briefing: Right Here Right Now
21 September 2016
August Briefing: Changing the Game: the systemic failure of transformation
22 August 2016
Socitm Insight New Blockchain briefing and Cyber Guide
27 July 2016
June Briefing: 15 steps to a digital mindset
30 June 2016
Mobile and accessibility performance up as 44% of council sites found ‘good or very good’ by Better Connected 2015-16
04 June 2016
Local Digital Leadership
24 May 2016
New Briefing: The Local Digital Coalition
29 April 2016
Spring 2016 In Our View out now! Note! This is for Members only
25 April 2016
New Socitm Policy Briefing: Health and Social Care Integration 2016-17
15 April 2016
New Socitm Insight Briefing 87: Data protection: <CONTROL><ALL><DELETE>?
01 April 2016
PSN video update February 2016 available now
24 February 2016
Latest Better Connected surveys: rubbish and recycling and libraries
17 February 2016
Brocade join Socitm as Silver Supplier Partners.
18 January 2016
Perfect time to undertake a benchmarking exercise
20 November 2015
12 October 2015 - Nadira Hussain, Socitm President for 2015-16 writes:
01 October 2015
Out Now - IT Trends Survey: Mobile access for citizens and employees
03 September 2015
On Tuesday 12 May, Socitm announced a partnership with consultancy Boilerhouse to develop its research and publishing on
14 July 2015
Socitm is now accepting applications.
13 July 2015
Masterclasses will be trialled from the summer fo 2015
27 June 2015

Press releases

Technology related trends for the public sector in 2019
29 January 2019
Socitm and Sitemorse partner for BetterConnected+
11 December 2018
Huw McKee joins Socitm’s president’s team
11 December 2018
Digital leaders urged to register for Leadership Academy courses
05 November 2018
Socitm leadership programme endorsed by Welsh government
28 September 2018
QA chosen to deliver Leadership Academy for Socitm
10 September 2018
Essex County Council chooses Socitm Advisory for £1.925 million transformation work
18 July 2018
Socitm welcomes announcement on funding to improve care through technology
24 May 2018
Council websites show progress in presentation of information and services on mobile devices with ‘Find childcare’ task results
18 May 2018
Council websites need to do more to make the Local Plan accessible to their residents
11 May 2018
Nicola Graham becomes new Socitm president
10 May 2018
Exciting offer for pioneering councils
30 April 2018
Digital leaders set to debate the future of public services
17 April 2018
Council websites adapt to paid for garden waste collections now that 75% charge for the service
16 March 2018
Socitm delegation to showcase UK local public service redesign to international audience
12 March 2018
Council websites face challenges describing complex rubbish collection regimes put in place to meet recycling targets
02 March 2018
Trend Micro and SBL announced as headline sponsors of Socitm President’s Conference
27 February 2018
Council websites should be clear about growing restrictions on use of council tips to avoid user frustration and abuse
23 February 2018
Registration opens for first-ever Socitm President’s Conference
07 February 2018
Council parking services particularly weak on provision of online information and services for drivers with disabilities
02 February 2018
Report highlights social care failings on council websites
19 January 2018
Small changes would make big difference for users of council library websites says Better Connected’s latest report
15 January 2018
Councils have work to do ahead of new rules on accessible public sector websites due in 2019, show Better Connected test results
08 January 2018
Key government minister to deliver opening address at ShareDigital event
03 January 2018
Diversity in public sector IT must improve, says Socitm
08 December 2017
Socitm Advisory congratulates HSJ award winners
24 November 2017
New research highlights rise of shared services
24 November 2017
Socitm calls for public sector leaders to embrace equality, inclusivity and diversity to deliver transformation
30 October 2017
Socitm launches 'Digital Transformation'
12 October 2017
Socitm Awards recognise excellence in public sector ICT
10 October 2017
World-class training to be provided to all Socitm members
27 September 2017
Socitm president praises departing chief executive
19 September 2017
Socitm staff swap a day at the office to volunteer at donation centre
16 August 2017
ITN Productions programme to put public sector digital transformation in the spotlight
16 August 2017
Top UK council websites named by Better Connected
05 June 2017
Council websites – all but 11% - make transition to mobile
26 May 2017
Review of content and usability of social care services online shows impact of Care Act
16 May 2017
Testing for Better Connected shows that maintaining website accessibility for people with disabilities an ongoing challenge
16 May 2017
Socitm urges local government and public sector to embrace smart places and location intelligence
28 April 2017
Using systems thinking to better serve citizens
25 April 2017
Council online services for resident parking and roadworks are good and improving says Better Connected
20 April 2017
Cloud is good; SuperCloud is better
02 March 2017
Councils should secure digital service commitment when outsourcing says Better Connected following latest survey report
10 February 2017
Councils urged to take ownership of their cyber strategy
01 February 2017
Council library services could be doing more to encourage e-readers says Better Connected survey report
13 January 2017
Socitm focus 2017: workforce diversity, transformation, health and social care integration, secure, open, shared systems
02 January 2017
Council building control managers must ‘do more to produce less’ in presenting the service online - Better Connected latest
15 December 2016
Applying for social housing needn't complex or cumbersome – but too many council websites make it so says Better Connected
12 December 2016
Leaders not managers are needed for the transition to digital: the good news is that they can be made says Socitm briefing
30 November 2016
‘Place as a platform’ encapsulates the future for ICT service delivery in local public services says new Socitm briefing
04 November 2016
National Cyber Security Strategy provides welcome boost for ongoing commitment of UK local authorities says Local CIO Council
02 November 2016
Aylesbury Vale achieves transformation and £4m savings via ‘simplify, standardise and share’ approach says Socitm briefing
23 September 2016
Organisations that take the Simplify, Standardise and Share approach can avoid ‘delusions of transformation’ says Socitm
22 August 2016
Blockchain technology could offer powerful opportunities for digitally-enabled councils says Socitm briefing
03 August 2016
Think digitally and ditch the hierarchies to create effective digital services advises Socitm
10 July 2016
Simplify, standardise, and share: Local CIO Council sets out route to better outcomes and savings for local public services
06 July 2016
Social care leaders urged to consider options for managing identity and authentication online for service users and providers
04 July 2016
Engaging social care staff is key to increasing take up of online services by clients and carers says new briefing
20 June 2016
Big improvement in accessibility of council websites to people with disabilities revealed in survey for Better Connected
16 June 2016
Will local leaders rise to the big data challenge asks latest Socitm briefing
12 June 2016
Industry bodies unite to drive local digital leadership
24 May 2016
Council websites show marked improvement in mobile and accessibility performance in annual Better Connected assessment
23 May 2016
Socitm outlines key role for Local Digital Coalition in extending GDS ‘government as a platform’ to local public services
06 May 2016
Council websites get A* for secondary schools applications test
14 April 2016
Council web survey shows commitment to boosting local fitness - but message delivery needs streamlining
12 April 2016
Socitm and Local CIOC welcome Local Digital Coalition as key step to future delivery of joined-up local public services
04 April 2016
Poor integration with third party systems mars experience of planning services online reports Better Connected
04 April 2016
Councils should review information governance arrangements ahead of impending changes to data protection and online privacy laws
31 March 2016
50% of local authorities offer online accounts for council tax
29 March 2016
Better Connected Live 2016 The re-invention of local public services
24 February 2016
Online user experience of council libraries marred by poorly integrated third party systems: latest Better connected survey
17 February 2016
Raft of pressures on local authorities has increased diversity of ICT-enabled service transformation approaches
08 February 2016
Finding council tip opening times easier than reporting a missed bin from a mobile phone
02 February 2016
Website performance data 2015 released for all UK councils
18 January 2016
Half of counties now enable older persons' bus pass applications online reveals Better connected
06 January 2016
70% of councils tested provide a good or very good parking service online says Better connected
27 November 2015
Disappointment that Spending Review digital boost ignores need and opportunity to join up services across place
26 November 2015
Better connected launches online
16 October 2015
Socitm points to New York as model for councils looking to drive ‘data-driven solutions’ locally
07 October 2015
Buurtzorg: could this Dutch approach to service re-design and digital transformation work here? asks Socitm briefing
22 September 2015
Socitm launches Women in IT and digital initiative at event in London 23 September
18 September 2015
Councils ‘share digital’ insights captured in Socitm briefing
31 July 2015
Sentiment analysis well worth further investigation as part of performance management armory, says Socitm briefing
17 July 2015
Digital - the most plausible response to austerity - not yet embraced by many local public service organisations
06 July 2015
Continuing austerity in the public sector could be the making of local authority intranets, says Socitm briefing
30 June 2015
Socitm agrees partnership with Boilerhouse
12 May 2015
Gravesham Borough Council streamlines its business processes
06 May 2015
Cloud computing in use in vast majority of local public services despite concerns
01 May 2015
Towards the digital council: Socitm marks progress in new briefing
24 April 2015
Socitm confirms new President Nadira Hussain
24 April 2015
Socitm partners with Knowledge Hub to boost digital collaboration between members
14 April 2015
Helping local public services ‘open up digital’: Socitm Spring Conference, London, 23 April 2015
31 March 2015
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