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New digital maturity assessment tool

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With just five days to go until President’s Conference, we wanted to share an exciting development to Improve, our public sector specific benchmarking service.

At the conference, Socitm will be launching a brand-new Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) toolbox as part of its Improve programme. Featuring a brand-new, fully revised question set, the online framework is based on nine key functions and pre-determined criteria that will enable organisations to assess their digital maturity and associated gaps.

Improve is comprised of five modules: User Satisfaction, Digital, Estate, Cost and Performance. Each of these has been designed to help our members advance their IT and digital services through the use of highly relevant data.

Improve’s Digital model, including the new DMA, provides unrivalled insight into the extent to which an organisation’s ICT is digitally mature. It examines where best practice measures have been adopted and what degree of commitment has been invested in digital services. The new DMA enriches this process by adding five layers of maturity to the way data is collected.

Digital is about more than changing working practices and the redesign of services. The DMA also includes measurement of Digital Leadership and consideration of Cultural Change. The new DMA was developed by considering the existing Socitm Improve Digital Module, comparing and reviewing it against GDS/Local Digital Best Practice Models and other best practice models.

This results in several metrics comparing the level of commitment and the maturity of digital services. Additionally, the new DMA examples the provision and take up of agile working. To take part in the service, each participating organisation must be prepared to answer approximately ninety Yes/No questions related to the policy decisions that have been made. This gives the most comprehensive overview of digital maturity to date and the information gathered is tailored specifically to meet the requirements of the public sector.

The DMA will be launched as part of a workshop hosted by incoming Socitm President, Sandra Taylor at 13:30 on day one of the President’s Conference (18 June). The workshop focuses on how we can create a digitally responsive culture in local government and the benefits and innovation this achieves.

This is just one of the highlights of what promises to be an exceptionally enlightening and invigorating conference.

We have great pleasure in attaching your brochure for the event. Including a detailed breakdown of all of the sessions taking place over both days, this will help you not to miss a thing.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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