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It’s here, it’s new, and it’s all for you: Socitm’s new corporate membership!

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Self-driving cars. Drones delivering pies. Artificial intelligence-run homes. Um, Ikea furniture for pets. The world is full of exciting fresh wonders. But forget all of that – Socitm’s brand new corporate membership is here!

Over the summer (and its two hot days) we met loads of our members, and grilled them on our support and services.

Armed with bountiful and extensive feedback, we have built a new membership package that’ll blow your mind!

What have we added? There’s too much to list here, specially as I sliced one of my key typing fingers on a door hinge earlier, but here’s a little peak: monthly webinars; an online corporate member area; a concierge service; a free hotel room; and more!

In January, as the cold east winds blow and the blizzards swirl, we’ll be launching the new corporate member area I alluded to in the previous paragraph. It’s going to be online, so you should be fine if you have a computer. Through it, a rich, unrivalled stream of material is going to fill your world with joy.

You know Socitm Insight? Well, henceforth, it’s going to be called Socitm Inform ­– and it’s going to deliver you around 150 pieces of fresh, unique content every year: monthly reports, videos, graphics, messages from the president (the Socitm one, not the mad US one – though, who knows, we might be able to get him to write something).

Our membership structure has been revitalised, retooled and jolly well polished to offer you the level of service you need. Our new packages are: Essential, Enhanced and Executive – now click here to find out all about them.

Remember that concierge service I briefly mentioned three paragraphs ago? Well, those who plump for our Executive membership are going to become very familiar with this little gem (it basically takes our service levels into the stratosphere).

There’s lots more I haven’t mentioned, due to time, injury and forgetfulness, so, once again, click here to get the full picture.


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