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Service Design Maturity Assessment (SDMA)

Our Service Design Maturity Assessment (SDMA) gives you an insight into the progress you have made in your organisation as a whole.  Rather than considering only the technologies and methods that are being applied, the SDMA asks 27 questions across 9 aspects of your service which also includes leadership, customer experience and analytics.

To avoid reaching a conclusion based upon the thoughts solely of your transformation team, the SDMA can be completed by multiple users across the breadth of your organisation in order to ascertain how Service Design is affecting your users at the ‘coal face’.

Your Tableau report will show not only how you rate in each of these 9 areas, but also show if there is a clear consensus of opinion in these ratings and/or if any parts of your organisation are not receiving the anticipated benefits.

The report also includes a brief action plan showing where improvements can be made.

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