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Service Design Maturity Assesment (SDMA)

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Use Improve SDMA to gain a consensus on whether new services are truly being designed with the end user in mind.


Gain insight into the your organisation's progress

In addition to giving an overview of the organisation, it reveals the progress felt within individual service areas. Rather than focus on peer analysis, it investigates the status of your service and points toward future actions.


The SDMA is designed to be accessible for all members of your organisation, not just IT and technical teams. This is done to ascertain how service design is affecting your users at the ‘coal face'.
The service asks 27 questions across nice areas:

xxx vision and leadership

xxx customer experience

xxx people, culture & skills

xxx system methodologies & standards

xxx service design thinking

xxx governance, risk & delivery

xxx digital applications and processes

xxx data & insight

xxx technology and infrastructure


Your SDMA results will be displayed in a clean, concise way, on your Tableau dashboard.

xxx see your rating in each of the 9 areas

xxx show if there is a clear consensus of opinion in these rating

xxx see if any parts of your organisation are not receiving the anticipated benefits

xxx receive brief action plan showing where improvements can be made

Ready to asses the maturity of your services?