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Traditional benchmarking

Improve module estate icon
Estate module

The Improve Estate module provides insight into the relative size of your ICT service. It helps to identify if you have the correct level of staff, and if you are investing in the correct end-user devices. To take part in the service, each participating organisation must provide a count of staff, devices and end-users. You will also be asked how staff are employed; how they are utilised; and turnover. To provide context to questions on devices we collect your default device specifications.

Improve module cost icon
Cost module

The Improve Cost module examines the cost efficiency of your ICT service. By comparing your organisation with others, you can identify areas for cost reduction and those that require additional investment. As well as measuring the overall cost, it monitors device, support and network costs. You need to provide details, such as number of users, devices and staff, and additional data.

Improve module cost icon
Performance module

The Improve Performance module looks at the relative performance of your ICT service. It shows how your project performance, key systems availability and incident resolution rate compare to similar organisations. You will also see which governance standards are being adopted by other organisations. As with all modules, you’ll be asked a series of questions to ensure greater precision.

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