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COVID-19 digital and ICT impact survey

Why is this survey important?

COVID-19 has radically changed how technology is enabling the delivery of local government services, and has created new challenges in mobile and remote working, home working, and management of resources. 

What's already happened?

Local authorities have responded at pace to the challenges that have come from this change to remote and home working, enabling them to continue to deliver their services during the ‘lockdown’ restrictions. Impacts on technology services have been both positive and negative.

What changes are you facing?

Modern ICT services such as Cloud based delivery, cyber security, data management, business continuity planning, innovation, leadership and digital skills have all become even more essential in the delivery of services for local governments. We expect to see this to be the case in the next 12 months as we go from ‘lockdown’, through ‘transition’ and finally to a ‘new normal’ phase, as well as seeing new demands on the ICT sector. 

How your contribution will help


Establish how technology and ICT is enabling delivery of the new normal in local government services


Form a baseline of the changes that have taken place and the transition required to sustain those that have proven beneficial


View on the long-term opportunities to help and support local government bodies as they ‘reset’ their business models and services to the new normal. 

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