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Webinar Wednesday – Cyber security for the UK public sector


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Cyber security for the UK public sector

Reliable and efficient cyber security is vital in today’s dynamic digital landscape. As cyber threats increase in frequency and become more sophisticated, public sector organisations are challenged with staying ahead of potential threats.

Protect your systems with cyber security solutions that identify, mitigate, and remediate threats quickly and effectively.

Join Phoenix and Socitm to explore:

  • The current challenges and future of cyber security within the public sector.
  • Governance risk and compliance priorities.
  • Practical and cost-effective action: what tools and support are available to public sector organisations now and what’s next?
  • Skills and resources: how do you effectively manage and respond to cyber security threats with limited time and budget?
  • Customer examples: hear from a local council about its approach to cyber security, best practice, and future plans.
Webinar Wednesday – Cyber security for the UK public sector event

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