Meet us in London on 19 October for a conference tackling what, why and how to use technology and data

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Northern Ireland

This event has now finished

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Venue: Stormont Hotel, Belfast

Theme: Ethical and secure use of emerging technologies and data

Our meetings can be face-to-face (with refreshments provided) or virtual (bring your own refreshments) and will be focused on Socitm’s policy themes. Within these themed meetings your regional committee is free to create an agenda that works best for you and your regional colleagues. If there’s something you would like to discuss or investigate with like-minded peers just let us know on and we will co-ordinate that with and for you.

Northern Ireland event
This event has now finished

For any questions or enquiries, please get in touch with our events team.

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Paul Reihill

Programme Delivery Manager
Event chair


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  1. Agenda Session 1
      Day 1
    1. 9:30 am |
      Arrival & T&C


    2. 10:00 am |
      Welcome & Introductions

      Paul Reihill, Regional chair

    3. 10:10 am |
      AWS in Northern Ireland - Intro & Government solutions overview

      Adrian Hanley, Local Government, Account Manager, AWS
      Stephen Patterson, Central Government, Account Manager, AWS

      In this session you will get to hear from AWS on how they are supporting organisations in the UK&I on digital transformation efforts. AWS will be speaking about their Government Solutions overview and how they are helping organsisaitons reduce cost and increase efficiency.

    4. 10:30 am |
      NI Partner


    5. 10:50 am |
      Socitm update

      Dave Sanderson & Alison Templeton, Socitm

    6. 11:10 am |


    7. 11:25 am |


    8. 11:35 am |
      Secure Backup and Recovery: The Ransomware Safety Net

      Tim Jeffcoat, Veeam

      Now more than ever, it’s critical for organisations to be confident that their data is protected and always available, whether it’s on premises, at the edge, or in the cloud.

      But with an ever-evolving threat landscape, what is the best strategy to protect key business data? This session discusses how to adapt backup procedures to mitigate threats such as ransomware.

    9. 11:55 am |
      NILGA invited


    10. 12:15 pm |
      Regional update and closing remarks

      Paul Reihill, Regional Chair

    11. 12:20 pm |


    12. 1:00 pm |


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