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Share Local – North East

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Ethical and secure use of emerging technologies and data

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Chair: Graham Jordan

Our meetings can be face-to-face (with refreshments provided) or virtual (bring your own refreshments) and will be focused on Socitm’s policy themes. Within these themed meetings your regional committee is free to create an agenda that works best for you and your regional colleagues. If there’s something you would like to discuss or investigate with like-minded peers just let us know on and we will co-ordinate that with and for you.

Share Local – North East event

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Graham Jordan

Partnership Analyst
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  1. Agenda Session 1
    1. 11:00 am |
      Welcome & Introductions

      Graham Jordan, Regional Secretary

    2. 11:05 am |
      Business Services - Operational resilience enabled by data

      Alan Hill & John McAdams, Splunk

    3. 11:25 am |
      Towards more and better conversations - the evolving cyber resilience scene

      Graham Jordan, ISNorth East & Stuart Marshall, Cleveland Emergency Planning Unity

    4. 11:45 am |


    5. 12:05 pm |
      Group Discussion


    6. 12:15 pm |
      Elevator pitch


    7. 12:30 pm |
      Socitm update

      Dave Sanderson, Socitm

    8. 12:50 pm |
      Branch Business & Close

      Graham Jordan, Regional Secretary

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