Leadership Academy graduates join us and your fellow alumni on Thursday 9 December to review the year


Managing and Motivating Remote Teams

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Leadership, diversity and skills

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Chair: Aidan Matthews

It looks like we will be working from home for some time to come. While some have benefited and enjoyed this arrangement others have found it challenging. If you are managing a team of remote workers, a few important questions need to be answered.

  • How will I get the best out of individuals?
  • What is the best leadership style for my team?
  • How do I know people are doing what they are supposed to be doing?
  • What is the best way to support my team?

This workshop will give you proven method and structures to help you motivate your team successfully.

Managing and Motivating Remote Teams event

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Aidan Matthews

Aidan Matthews

Learning Programme Manager
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  1. Agenda Session 1
    1. 9:30 am |
      Overview of day 1

      The topics we will cover are:

      • Virtual working pros and cons
      • The virtual leader mindset
      • Tech benefits and challenges
      • Team roles and characteristics
      • Using questioning to check levels of engagement
      • Dysfunctions of a team
      • Building trust
      • Culture: rules vs relationship
  2. Agenda Session 2
    1. 9:30 am |
      Overview of day 2

      The topics we will cover are:

      • Choosing the right leadership style
      • How virtual teams development
      • Setting goals and objectives
      • Managing meetings
      • Structuring a positive conversation
      • Delivering effective feedback
      • Successful remote delegation
      • Creating collaboration

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