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Lead Member Day 2022

This event has now finished

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Join us for our follow up Member Day.

The purpose of the online session is to explain our aim of improving engagement throughout the society and how we can work together to support this, so we really hope you can join us.

Lead Member Day 2022 event
This event has now finished

For any questions or enquiries, please get in touch with our events team.


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  1. Agenda Session 1
      Day 1
    1. 10:00 am |
      Welcome and Introductions

      Nadira Hussain, CEO, Socitm

      CEO Nadira Hussain will open the session with reflections of the past year and look forward to exciting times ahead. 

    2. 10:10 am |
      Making the most of Socitm

      Poppy Whelan, Head of Member Services, Socitm

      Head of membership Poppy Whelan will give an overview of key benefits a Socitm membership provides and how to maximise them. This will include using free sector specific consultancy hours, supporting staff development through our Leadership Academy training and new features coming this year. 

    3. 10:25 am |
      The Coventry Model

      Dave Sanderson, Director of Member Services

      Director of member services Dave Sanderson and members from Coventry City Council will show the positive impact working together has had.

    4. 10:40 am |
      How can we raise the voice and reach of our members?

      David Ogden, Director of Engagement, Socitm

      Engagement director David Ogden will discuss highlighting the great work from Socitm members. 

    5. 10:50 am |
      Feedback and questions

      We’ll finish off the session with an opportunity for an open discussion on the issues which matter most  

    6. 11:00 am |


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