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Most councils or local authorities will have already experienced some form of breach. Those who are fortunate enough not to have suffered such an incident should be prepared for when they do. This workshop is a step towards preparing your organisation and your people to respond effectively, swiftly and in an assured way.

Cyber breach response is a form of security awareness. Your organisation has probably already conducted some type of awareness training. Cyber breach response requires your team to be aware of what is expected of them in the event of a potential security incident, and what actions and decisions need to be made. Your individual teams or departments may already have plans for disasters, business continuity or technology failures, but are they widely understood? Are they current, and more importantly, have they been enacted and tested?

Participation starts with the senior leadership team and their understanding of what decisions need to be made and when. Operationally, the next level down senior managers are required to accept their roles and responsibilities.

The aim of cyber breach response workshop is to provide drills, table-top exercises and rehearsals for the scenarios that you may face.

Your organisational structure can be unique and it is critical that we consider this when constructing a cyber breach playbook. Our approach is to prepare delegates for their role in their organisation’s breach plans. Differing structures can have an impact on operations and decision-making during a breach.

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