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Empowering Women in a Digital World: last places available

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By Emily Askew, Socitm Research and Project Coordinator

With only weeks to go until the start of the second Empowering Women in a Digital World course, we are delighted to share with you a video produced by Canon to give you an insight into how beneficial the course has been for our recent graduates.


Led by experienced coaches and trainers, the course is aimed at aspiring female leaders: those who are looking to grow and to gain the confidence to become a professional ambassador and role model.

The course is built around three key principles to suit everyone:

  • Teaching and learning through practice and experience
  • Building sustainable development through one-to-one coaching and mentoring
  • Networking and collaboration with peers and established leaders to share best practice.

‘Authentic Leadership’ is one of the key topics covered on the course: a subject designed to help you build confidence in your unique leadership style and approach. Coaches will explore the challenges faced as a female leader and provide practical guidance on how to do ‘leadership’ your way – while staying true to your values.

The second topic, ‘Learning to Navigate the Landscape’, will help you draw on the resources available to you to effectively collaborate with peers. A crucial topic, exploring this theme will help you build a high-performing team and unlock the sponsorship needed to accelerate your career.

The last topic, ‘Optimising Impact’ is designed to help develop your influence and – the clue’s in the name – optimise your impact. The module offers way to build your resilience and energise your approach, with practical guidance on how to communicate with courage, confidence and clarity.

Socitm’s Research and Policy Manager Corinne Stratton, who recently completed the course, says: “It really helped me raise my confidence, inspire the people I work with, and start to grow into my potential as a leader.

“A few of us were promoted as a result of taking the course, and for me, the lessons I learned helped hugely when I made that step up,” she added.

“There was a real feeling of acceptance and camaraderie between us all, and it was great to share experiences in such a friendly group. We all bonded quite a lot I think, and the network that the course helped create will endure long after the final session.”

Find out when and where the next EW programme is taking place and join us For more information about Empowering Women email Lauren Sheppard at lauren.sheppard@socitm.net or call 01604 709 456.

<!–If you are ready to take the next step in your career and want to be inspired to lead with confidence, we have a few places left on our May course. Applications close 29th April 2016, so please get in touch  ASAP if you have any questions – full contact details below.

For more detailed information visit our full course page here.

  • If you’d like to join the course but the May sessions are too imminent, do keep in mind that registrations for our third group – to be held in November in London – will open on 25th April. If you’d like us to notify you, just drop a line to Socitm Research and Project Co-ordinator Emily Askew, on emily.askew@socitm.net.


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