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ICT shared services (8/9) - Reasons why shared services fail

ICT shared services (8/9) - Reasons why shared services fail

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May 17, 2018

This is the eighth in our series of guides offering new insights and tools to support local public service organisations and, in particular, their ICT leaders as they embrace more and deeper shared service arrangements.

This guide reveals why shared services commonly fail, illustrated by a series of anonymised examples.

Other guides in the series outline the drivers currently shaping the scope of ICT shared services, present a self-service readiness assessment tool, explore the emerging range of shared service models in practice, discover the special place of ICT as a key enabler of wider shared service initiatives, update the ‘Trailblazers’ from our earlier 2011 report, identify some new leading examples, present findings from a survey of shared ICT services activity, and present the common traits of successful ICT shared services arrangements and the factors giving rise to success and failure.

The final guide in the series concludes with some thoughts around the ‘new currency’ generated by shared services.

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