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CEOs taking digital transformation seriously, report

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CEOs across the world are beginning to take digital transformation very seriously, a new report has revealed.

BT’s survey of 400 CEOs from 13 different countries found that almost 40% have put digital transformation at the top of their list of priorities, with almost 25% leading the charge personally.

Though 86% of the quizzed CEOs complained that they had faced some kind of obstacles on the drive to digital transformation, around 75% said they believed the journey would help their companies to thrive.

What kind of obstacles? Well, 43% said inflexible technology was an issue; 39% cited security concerns; and 40% moaned about a lack of skills.

Bas Burger, BT’s CEO of Global Services, said that the research ‘shows that CEOs all around the world identify the skills shortages, lack of insight into what customers and employees really want or need, and security as the main obstacles to delivering an optimal digital experience.

‘It’s interesting that these are primarily human factors and it illustrates that digital transformation strategies should always be built around people.’

Mr Burger added that the results were a ‘great encouragement for BT to accelerate its own digitalisation’ – words which will delight and amaze many BT customers.

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