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Home » Twitter. North Korea. Donald Trump. Armageddon. Etc.

Twitter. North Korea. Donald Trump. Armageddon. Etc.

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President Donald Trump has done some more things today: 1. sent a tweet which appears to foretell the destruction of North Korea; and 2. embroiled Twitter in a terms and conditions row. Good work.

The president tweeted: ‘Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea at U.N. If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won’t be around much longer!’

Now, Twitter (apparently) forbids threats of violence, but it seems if the threat is violent enough, such as the complete obliteration of a nation state, then it’s ok.

As the tweet was in breach of its terms, concerned Twitter users asked the social media network why the characteristically berserk message hadn’t been removed.

No, no, you’ve got it all wrong, replied Twitter: this outrageously mammoth threat is ‘newsworthy’ and thus gets a pass, we’ve just decided.

The North Koreans have said the tweet is a declaration of war, which is odd because I didn’t think they had Twitter.

Let’s have a look at the precise wording of Twitter’s conditions: ‘Users may not make threats of violence or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism.’ Hmm.

I’ve said it before and I promise I won’t say it again, but we never, I repeat never ever had any of these problems with Ceefax.

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