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Socitm’s night riders tear up Brands Hatch

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At Socitm we shy away from nothing – and that includes cycling around in circles in the dark.

Last weekend, Team Socitm took part in a gruelling 24-hour cycling event at Brands Hatch race track – and managed to raise over £1,000 for Cancer research.

Our riders finished a very respectable 38th at the Revolve 24 event – which might not sound as good as ‘1st’ but when you learn that there were 267 entrants it becomes a lot more impressive. They also came 6th out of the 17 teams in the six-rider category.

The Team was made up of Geoff Connell, Socitm President; Geoff’s mate, Alan; Tony Summers, Socitm Advisory’s Chief Operating Officer; Tony’s son, Sioni; and a man called Simon Norbury.

After giving him a couple of days to get his breath back, Tony said: ‘It was very challenging, especially the sleep deprivation part of it over the 24 hours, but it was a great experience. It was a bit surreal cycling around Brands Hatch in the dark following the red rear lights of the riders ahead of you.’

In total, the Team managed 179 laps of the famous track – which comes to just over 435 miles, or 83 miles each.

They also ‘climbed’ (I think that means ‘went up a hill’) over 9,750 metres – which is greater than the height of Everest, though I suspect riding a bike up the mountain would be a bit more challenging.

Tony added: ‘The camaraderie with the other teams was great. Everybody was sharing things like energy foods and kettles.

‘Geoff came in fresh from a trip to China. He had a dodgy stomach so it was a bit touch and go.’

Tony is now keen to get riders involved in next year’s event, so you’ve been forewarned.

Well done, Team! And here are a load of pics to prove it all actually happened:

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