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Socitm presents: Webinar Wednesdays

webinar wednesday
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Webinar Wednesdays are Socitm’s new member service, and will cover training and essential information on pressing topics of concern to ICT professionals.

The first edition, on Wednesday 24 January, will take a revealing look at an extremely important element of the GDPR: data privacy impact assessments (DPIAs).

Under the GDPR, you’ll need to carry out a DPIA when: using new tech; processing data that is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the individuals it covers; instigating large scale monitoring of public areas (CCTV); and processing personal data related to criminal convictions.

So, plenty to think about there. But, then, you’ll also have to consider what a DPIA should contain. Here are a few examples: risk assessments for individuals; details about the measures you have in place to address risk; an explanation of a data process’s necessity and proportionality; and a description of a processing operation’s purposes.

Clearly, this is crucial stuff that we’re going to need to know if we’re not going to fall afoul of the GDPR. With everyone working on their own version of a DPIA, the webinar workshop will try to reveal common themes – and work out what we should all be aiming to cover.

The link to the webinar will be sent to Socitm members soon, which starts at 1pm on 24 January.

Though corporate members will be able to access the webinar after the broadcast, individual and private sector members won’t be able to – so if you’re one of those, do try to make the live event.

Webinars later in the year will cover subjects such as Office365, cybersecurity and the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (ok, I made the last one up).

So, there you have it: Welcome to Webinar Wednesdays!

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