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Socitm and LCIOC make great strides in advancing the governments transformation agenda

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Socitm has made great strides in advancing the Government’s public service transformation agenda through the work of the Local Public Service CIO Council (LCIOC).

The LCIOC was set up by Socitm in 2008 to represent the interests of local government into national government (then represented by the Chief Information Officer Council and since by the Government Digital Service). The Chair of LCIOC is Dylan Roberts, Chief Digital and Information Officer, City of Leeds and the Vice Chair is, Noelle Godfrey, Programme Director and Head of Digital Infrastructure, Cambridge County Council.

The Council meet four times a year to review where local government can support or challenge the public service transformation agenda, to discuss issues relevant to local government service re-design and transformation, and to better represent local government issues into national policy and delivery forums.

Here are just some examples of its achievements:

  • Winning the argument for a federated approach to developing the Public Services Network, based on standards, compliance and reuse of existing networks wherever possible.
  • Achieving simplification and revision of the compliance regime in conjunction with the Cabinet Office for local government organisations seeking connection to the Public Services Network (PSN).
  • Acting as a voice for local public services to give direction to Government Digital Service (GDS) on the design of G-Cloud and related frameworks to better meet the needs of local public services procurements e.g. relaxation of the one year rule for contract lengths
  • Engaging the NHS National Information Board for the Paperless 2020 programme to transform health and social care according to place-based principles – simplify, standardise and share.
  • Establishing the Local Government Cyber Security Technical Reference Group to work with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) on advice, methodologies and tools relevant to the local public services setting

For more information about the LCIOC, please visit https://www.socitm.net/about/local-cio-council/ or read our latest blog post about the most recent LCIOC meeting.

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