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Andy Hopkirk, Head of Research, Socitm

There’s a kind of fin-de-siècle feel in the air at the moment socially, politically and technologically. So it’s all the more important, then, that our leadership is ‘strong and stable’? Well maybe…but just 42% of the UK electorate went for that line just recently; so, if not that, then what?

In recent years the question of what is right and good leadership for the times has loomed ever larger in Socitm conferences, reports, briefings and in 1-2-1 discussions with members. We all know that solving many of the pressing problems of demography, place and getting the right outcomes for local citizens and businesses has technological components; but we also know that these are not enough.

Whole solutions require a whole business change, not just ICT/digital change. The real leadership challenge is not just to lead the ICT/digital function well but also to be part of a wider leadership effort. One that calls many to action, organises and galvanises on a grander scale. The times demand that we really do have to get past reluctant acceptance of plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

This is what has led us to undertake the Socitm Insight Modern Leadership project – to examine what constitutes right and good leadership practice today so that members may judge and improve their own positions in that regard and those of others they might want to develop into such roles.

We’ll be releasing the project’s products in parts over the coming months. We hope you’ll find them thought provoking and a stimulus to action. (And it’s definitely not about being ‘strong and stable’…)

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