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Leadership Academy Alumni: join us in Barcelona

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Socitm continues to investigate ways of engaging and developing alumni from the leadership academy programme. The SmartCity Expo World Congress (SCEWC) offers us an excellent opportunity to meet each other and public services officials from all over the world. We all want to work together to improve personally and to use these skills to transform how we deliver services and citizens’ experiences. Socitm’s leadership programme has already identified your potential but just because the initial programme has ended doesn’t mean our collaboration has to. By connecting academy alumni with Socitm leadership we can continue our partnership and keep striving to make things better for everyone. The November congress gives us a chance to keep in touch with our academy peers, maintain connections and stay resilient.

About SCEWC 2019

When and where: 19-21 November 2019 in Barcelona

What is it?
The expo is the leading global event for cities and their managers. Transforming cities for their citizens. 3 days in Barcelona to meet your leadership academy peers and to meet like-minded people from cities trying to achieve the same things as you. Join >400 delegates doing their best to transform where they live for the better.

What will be discussed?

Key themes at this year’s congress are:

  • Digital Transformation
    How can cities take full advantage of technology deployment? What must be considered in order to build more secure, sustainable, accessible and responsive cities?
  • Urban Environment
    How can cities redefine their environment to fight climate change while meeting citizens’ need for a better life?
  • Mobility
    The Smart Mobility Congress is a co-located event looking at urban mobility challenges faced by cities and economies.
  • Governance & Finance
    How can all stakeholders be involved to take aspects of city developments forward? What are the best funding mechanisms to finance these advancements?
  • Inclusive & Sharing Cities
    How can we build more inclusive and sharing cities?

How can it help you and your organisation?
Get inspired by new approaches, find out what works and what doesn’t and collaborate with your leadership alumni/graduates. Let’s discover together and through discussion discover ways to transform where we live.

Network, learn and share experiences/knowledge

What we want to do
Help us and our colleagues to create a digest of the Expo and how the ideas and experiences could help members be better. Help with extract key take-aways of most relevance to fellow Socitm members. A post-expo report joint Major Cities of Europe (MCE) will be produced, collating your experiences and reflections of the themes/subjects raised during the event.

How to get involved?
Socitm is paying for travel and accommodation expenses. If you’re interested get in touch with Nadira Hussain for more information and with details of how you’d like to get involved and how it could help us to help you.

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