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Home » Heavens above: Report reveals local government cloud adoption

Heavens above: Report reveals local government cloud adoption

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If you can excuse my hopelessly clichéd headline, I’m going to present a little blog about cloud services to you, during which I will use the written word to reveal facts, insights and other marvels.

We here at Socitm teamed up with them there at Eduserv, a not-for-profit partner for public and third sector organisations, to produce a report on local government cloud adoption 2018-style, and some very interesting truths have been revealed.

For instance, did you know that 62% of councils are now storing data in the cloud, up from 52% in 2016, while 38% have a policy covering cloud infrastructure in place? I don’t suppose you did – but you do now.

Eduserv spoke to a whacking 373 local authorities about their use of and interest in cloud services, which must have taken ages, and discovered trends such as many councils adopting ‘cloud first’ thinking in their ICT approach, but that having greater security is more important than a cloud strategy.

Writing in the report’s foreword, Andy Powell, Eduserv’s CEO, says that the ‘standout finding from this research is that councils are in no-way averse to cloud technology. While not the dominant IT model, a growing majority are using cloud in some way and more plan to do so.

‘However, for things to move faster, it is clear that council CIOs need to acknowledge and overcome barriers caused by culture, skills and the way that councils budget for IT.’

The report contains a number of illuminating case studies, including that of Enfield Council, where public cloud has been adopted as the main platform for ICT infrastructure.

Rob Musekiwa, senior IT consultant at the local authority said: ‘We currently have around 85% of our workload in the Azure cloud and the rest is either on-premise or co-located with a partner – and there is still work to be done in getting to an optimised model which meets all of our needs in terms of digital government. However, in the near term we are unlikely to go 100% to the cloud.’

But enough of this. You should read the deeply enlightening report yourself, and here’s a link to it:

Caught you out – that was a Monday alertness drill. Here it is.

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