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Declaring: The Local Digital Fund

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The Local Digital Fund (LDF) is alive and well and open for applications, or so I’ve been led to understand.

Great, what’s that? you ask. Give me a chance! I’m about to explain…

Created to support the recent Local Digital Declaration, the LDF is a £7.5 million pot designed to not only pay for around 1,000 council staff digital skills but also, in the words of local government minister Rishi Sunak, ‘fund a toolkit of reusable tools and products that help service teams redesign their services to declaration standards’.

Indeed, MP Sunak is overjoyed, writing here that ‘I am delighted to announce the LDF…we at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) will be using the fund to support you in local government’.

Now, if you haven’t clicked the first link you might want an explanation as to what the Local Digital Declaration is.

Well, it’s an attempt to help local authorities ‘break their dependence on inflexible technology, adopt the best digital ways of working, and ultimately offer excellent local services for less’.

If you’d like to apply for a piece of the pot, click here to do so.

And you can click here to view the LDF’s prospectus.

There are too many links in this article for my liking, but such is the nature of the story. Happy funding!

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