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Building better leaders for the digital world: the Socitm Leadership Academy

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Socitm is a society of professionals; its members have a vested interest in both contributing to and learning from current best practice. However, they are also concerned with developing themselves and their colleagues to be better leaders today – and tomorrow. It is to these ends that the Socitm Leadership Academy is dedicated.

We have recently produced two documents on Modern Leadership. In the third document ‘Leadership in a Digital World’ we asked Socitm Leadership Academy director Steve Cliff to describe what the Academy is and how it operates from the ‘insider’s perspective’. We also surveyed Academy alumni for their views from the ‘outside’.

Steve does a great job in identifying the optimal personal leadership skills and aspects of self-awareness we need to be developing in these times of great change and consequent pressures. He’s very clear about the differences between leading and managing.

The Academy’s programmes are deliberately very focused on the individual. They are aimed at shifting beliefs (or boosting confidence in them if already in the right place); helping these shifts become permanent through coaching support back in the workplace; and replacing old, ineffective habits with new, effective ones.

Programme alumni report that the Academy’s formula works. Their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with words like ‘amazing’, ‘enlightening’, ‘insightful, ‘life-changing’ and ‘relevant’ used. Our thanks go out to all those who took part in our survey.

We seem to be on the right track. The Academy’s programmes are based on both sound science and practicality. Support, empathetic coaching and mutual respect works. New leaders are evidently practising and learning. Existing leaders are reinforcing what’s working.

There’s an underlying theme here: rather than being an innate quality only possessed by a select few who happened to be born that way, leadership is something that can be learned by anyone. It is important to appreciate and understand this fact, as all the evidence suggests that focusing on the many rather than the ‘special few’ is by far the best strategy for both personal and organisational development and success.

Download the third document ‘Leadership in a Digital World – A perspective from the Socitm Leadership Academy’: https://www.socitm.net/modern-leadership

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