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Home » Socitm North West chair highlights need for cyber awareness for both staff and members

Socitm North West chair highlights need for cyber awareness for both staff and members

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With councils now receiving their cyber stocktake feedback from the LGA, cyber awareness training for both staff and councillors has again become a hot topic.

Eighteen months ago, Socitm helped promote a council-led collaboration to co-design cyber awareness training with a leading film-maker in this field. And since its delivery just under 12 months ago, over 55 councils and 15 other public sector organisations have commissioned and rolled out the resulting ‘Dojo’ cyber training series.

Tony Doyle, Head of ICT at Blackpool Council and Chair of Socitm North West, was one of the co-funding councils who worked on the original Dojo series. Tony will be speaking about Blackpool’s use of the Dojo cyber and GDPR awareness training at the LGA’s Cyber Stocktake event in London on 7 November, where further information around cyber resilience funding for councils will be announced.

Following the success of the council co-design around cyber awareness, Blackpool alongside Staffordshire, East Sussex, Derby, Gloucestershire, Oldham, Warwickshire and Portsmouth, are now leading a new collaboration focused on Information Governance training for councils.

This new InfoGov training seeks to increase confidence in information governance and make the process – and repercussions – as easy as possible to understand. Alongside detailed work around lawful basis, privacy notices and data hygiene, key messages the group wanted reinforcing included positive reporting culture, investigation of the process not people, as well as quick steps to mitigation.

Dojo details and trailer:

Details on LGA Cyber Resilience Funding:

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