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Antivirus: NHS staff set for AI and robot training

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Thousands of NHS staff could soon be trained to work with artificial intelligence (AI) and robots, as a review looking into how health professionals can best use new technologies begins.

Alarmists concerned that this news heralds the health service’s first step towards providing MOTs and oil changes for our future cyborg masters can relax – the assessment will actually look at what sorts of skillsets the likes of AI will demand of staff in the future.

A man from America called Dr Eric Topol is leading the review, which is set to start at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital, where machine-learning is currently being scrutinised for its usefulness in analysing eye scans.

Dr Topol, a cardiologist, said: ‘While it’s hard to predict the future, we know artificial intelligence, digital medicine, and genomics will have an enormous impact for improving the efficiency and precision in healthcare. Our review will focus on the extraordinary opportunities to leverage these technologies for the healthcare workforce and power a sustainable and vibrant NHS.’

Our currently human yet figuratively robotic health minister Jeremy Hunt, meanwhile, outputted the following typically insincere mechanical gibberish: ‘These [technologies] give us a glimpse of what the future of the whole NHS could be, which is why in the year of the NHS’s 70th birthday I want to empower staff to offer patients modern healthcare more widely and more quickly.’

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