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The chips are down: CPUs vulnerable to hackers

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Any hopes of a calm year for ICT may have just evaporated – CPUs are now vulnerable to digital crooks, it turns out.

According to researchers at Google, some AMD, ARM and Intel chips in PCs, mobiles and other devices have ‘serious security flaws’, which could allow hackers to access your precious data.

Apparently, the CPU-building sector has known about the issue for a while but wanted to fix it before any filthy journalists found out – which is the standard response by tech firms these days (don’t tell and maybe it’ll all go away).

Intel reckons some patches it’ll be releasing in the next few days will address a few of the problems, which is somewhat reassuring, while ARM says it’s already dished out software fixes.

Apple and Microsoft are also working on fixes for machines running their bits and pieces.

Further reassurance has come from the sentinel-like minds at the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, which has claimed there are no signs to suggest any online villains have tapped into the flaw, yet.

I didn’t know a CPU could be hacked in a way that’d allow access to the host device’s data. Every day’s a school day.

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